Monday, 17 July 2017

How I'd love to go to Paris again

dress - Lightinthebox
bag - Zara
shoes - Primark

I have to say that I'm not an avid dress wearer - especially of ones that venture out of my slightly gothic comfort zone (I actually referred to myself as a summertime goth yesterday in response to a question about my outfit on a v. sunny British day.)

However, there was something about this one from Lightinthebox that caught my eye; well, everything about it. Having been very kindly asked to pick out a few pieces, I knew this had to be one of my choices - the embroidery is so detailed, with the insects and cut out shoulders to keep that edginess. I am very much looking forward to twirling around in this across the pond avec baguettes and white wine.

Would you wear this dress?



  1. You look so adorable in orange..

  2. Totally loving your all orange look:)

  3. The bag and shoes look so cute with this dress! I love the shoes, I always find the nicest shoes in Primark, I like the dress but orange doesn't suit me that much :( you look lovely tho! x

    S x


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