Wednesday, 4 October 2017

I've got issues with my sleep

bag - VIP

top - VIP

Just a quick post to share two of my new faves from VIP.

Who doesn't want a cute, compact backpack with those colours or a simple silk vest which oozes effortless chic?

I actually picked these pieces in anticipation of my trip to the Big Apple... and now that it's just 4 days away I can BARELY CONTAIN MY EXCITMENT.


You can follow my adventures on instgram @wardrobefullofclothes.

Have you ever been to NYC? 




  1. Looking like such a fierce fall goddess in these gorgeous garms beautiful girl, as always I'm adoring how you strike style just right; slick and luxe meets bedazzling bombshell! The silk vest is such a dream on you, and paired with the die for denim and babin' boots it's a total match made in the heavenliest heaven. You always ooze effortless chic so damn well and I for one only feel excited for the autumnal months with a daily dose of your wondrous wintery vibes! The coat is just made for you, I'm adoring the pretty cosy trim! The leather look is lush on you and I just know you'll be smashing those streets in NYC with your gorgeous self! <3

    Hope you have the dreamiest trip to NYC gorgeous Georgia, your stylish badass babin' self will be right at home! Can't wait to hear how it goes, I hope you have the most magical time in the Big Apple! Maybe I'm biased but you're cuter (and more of a slaybell than Carrie ever could be!) I've been to NYC twice, once was a quick stop-over to meet my friend and the other time with my mum. I remember my mum and I having a row in the streets for some reason, bang went my visions of trying to be remotely hip :) :') <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  2. NYC Im so jealousssss! Sounds great! I have always wanted to go! have an amazingggg time. Love your bag by the way xx

  3. Great post!
    I like your blog so much!
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  4. waoo girl you looks so beautifull looking fabulous dear outfit is realy amazing love this post.... :) best wordpress themes

  5. Great look! I love that silk top!
    Have a great time in NYC!
    Julia x

  6. I love all these pieces but that bag especially is so cute <3 have fun in NYC! I haven't been there in awhile so I look forward to seeing your photos!



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