Friday, 13 April 2012

I still want to drown whenever you leave

vest - F&F at Tesco
shirt - H&M
jeans - Primark
shoes - eBay
necklace - H&M

Cannot quite comprehend there is only two days remaining of Easter, it's gone far too swiftly for my liking. I am however, quite pleased with how I've spent it - due to my reduced time online, I've actually ventured outside and seen other human beings. Revision should probably have taken a larger portion of my time, but apart from that.

As evidenced in my choice of clothing and nail colour, I am still very much in love with pastels and am therefore attempting to steer clear when purchasing future items.

However, here are some things I am currently lusting after

all bottom left - Zara
all right - Topshop

Now let's just hope this weather can last out the remainder of the holidays.
Seeing as it's only two days it shouldn't be too difficult, although this is England we're talking about..


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