Monday, 24 June 2013

Tennis Court

shirt - Zara
necklace - H&M

Just a quick post to say I can't get enough of simple outfits with little embellishments, getting a nice balance between not-trying-too-hard, yet still looking like I've put some thought into what I'm wearing. 

I really wanted to share this post from Ivania of love-aesthetics, as I think it encapsulates my feelings for minimal tones so perfectly.

I hope everyone is enjoying their "summer", and as usual, I shall finish with some summery inspiration to make up for the lack of sun in the UK at least:')



  1. Love Aesthetics is perfection, my style and everything is nothing like her's but I love seeing her outfits! Love your necklace, and all the inspirational pictures- that bikini is amazing! xx

  2. great inspiration!:)
    it stardet raining today here..and it's teeerible!

  3. lovely inspiration xx

  4. gorgeous style - and i completely agree! your white shirt and neon necklace look great together!

    bec X

  5. great post! I think how you've teamed the necklace with the shirt really makes it pop :D xx

  6. such a lovely inspiration post! I really like the tropical sweater on the second inspiration pics :)

  7. I like all of these outfits! so many to choose from and look at

  8. Love your outfit inspirations!

    Instagram: @yupnyc


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