Tuesday, 3 December 2013

We're so connected but are we even friends?

Really, where on earth has this year gone?
I remember this time last year frantically panicking about what I was doing with my life and turning 19 and now I have almost reached 20 *gulps*..
Anyway, putting the existential crisis on hold, it's almost Christmas which essentially equals wearing many layers, any excuse to go to a coffee shop and evening shopping. All of which I enjoy profusely.

Also, parties a plenty which also means an excuse to purchase the "essentials".
I picked up the gold shape rings in H&M for £2.99 and the Primark ones are helpfully labelled. I am developing a slight obsession, but they looked so tempting. 
Also unsure about the statement-art-deco-esque necklace from Primark, but I just was in need of something to add to a plain dress without spending excessive amounts.
The nail polish I got free with Glamour and have received much interest as to where I purchased it. It's called Soho silver from the Kate Spade range at nails inc. and has lasted incredibly well without chipping.

Also feel like I have a duty to mention how great Zara is doing this season (and every season), definitely go and have a click through..

Finally some pictures to inspire your wintery wishlists..





  1. This has just made me want to buy a load of lovely clothes for Christmas, aw!
    Anja x

  2. I just bought Jaffa cakes today! I love your blog and the jackets look gorgeous! I love the fur lining on some of them as they look cosy and keep your neck warm! The midi rings are great too, need to pick a few up! They look lovely!


  3. Great inspiration! Love the oversized coats and classy basic outfit! Thanks for sharing (:


  4. I agree with you about Zara, they are soo great atm!! xx

    Essie | The Li'l Sparrow

  5. LOVE this post! IT'S AMAZING! the ring-part is the best!



  6. Love midi rings!x


  7. I love the rings in the first picture. I really need to check Zara out, I've not been in that shop for AGES!

    20 is baby. Try being 27.. then you can gulp, ha!

    Corinne x

  8. The rings are so beautiful! I really wanna get them now haha x



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