Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Put the lime in the coke and add rum

Chain - George at Asda

Just a quick post to mention how pleased I am with this lovely sweater Choies kindly sent. The pictures on their website do it much more justice, and on first glance it's grey but has a neon lime colour running through it. Also ridiculously soft and comfortable as well as being a light knit so perfect for spring or "spring" here in England.

Also just discovered I've passed all of my first semester modules so have been pleasantly surprised:)
 (no doubt alcohol will be on the cards, see post title)



Saturday, 22 February 2014

Take a Look at Lookbook

Dressing in the morning becomes an awful lot more challenging when the view outside your window at 9 am in blissful blue sky and an hour later that has been replaced with heavy grey cloud. Walking back from yesterday's 4oclock lecture I ended up sporting a pair of blue black jeans due to a favourable combination of strong winds and heavy rain..

 Anyway, just a simple post on some of my favourite Lookbook looks of recent, hopefully to get fashionable juices flowing and making early morning wardrobe decisions easier.



Monday, 10 February 2014

Let it go

Both sweaters - Primark
Recently went into the Primark's mens section (and received a few odd looks) as this pair of jumpers caught my eye. Currently debating which one to buy.
Maybe both?

*sigh* Anyway, some inspirational photos while I decide..



Sunday, 2 February 2014

you're the magicians assistant in their dreams





01 - Primark Jacket
02 - Zara Jeans 
03 - Ebay Sweater and Brantano Boots
04 - H&M Blazer

A few things I've picked up of recent and am incredibly pleased with. I had been initially looking for another leather jacket but when in Primark saw this (very vaguely reminding me of the Acne Velocite one) reduced to £10 and couldn't resist. Also picked up some jeans from the Zara sale, though I could have come away with a lot more. 
Then this ebay sweater came in the post a few days ago which is ridiculously easy to wear and so comfy, much like these boots. 
In conclusion, everything I buy seems to be black or heavily reduced.

(At least everything matches.)


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