Wednesday, 28 January 2015


01. Breaking away from my usual blood red lips, I have been experimenting with more neutral shades. I was originally inspired to try out the 'Kylie Jenner' lip phenomenon by this post which then spiralled into purchasing lip products that are much more in my price range and are still able to create something similar: (Hanorah Lipstick, Essence Lip liner, Natural Collection Lip Liner).

02. Having commitment phobia, I thought these ear cuffs would be ideal when desperately trying to emulate some kind of 'cool'ness. Even if I'm not looking it, I'm definitely feeling it which is all that counts, right?

03. I should probably invest in some good quality rings that don't change colour when I wash my hands, but until that point I shall fill my h&m bag with the cheap and cheerful kind. I can't deny my love for jewelled hands.



  1. I love the lip color. So beautiful on you

  2. nice pictures, love your accesoires !

  3. love love the midi ring and the other one<33

    xx from Italy
    Cate // kate/idoscope

  4. You look beautiful! And love your nails!


  5. Your nails look awesome!!! So cool.
    x Alyssa


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