Saturday, 28 February 2015

The name's Bond, Ms Bond..

007 fragrance*

It's not something I mention on here often, but I am a fan of all things fragrance related. I could spend hours in the yankee candle shop, Jo Malone or examining the perfume counters of Selfridge's. There's something about those chandelier-d ceilings and decadent gold cases that take me back to being 12 years old and being amazed by the opulence of a department store. 

The 007 perfume seems to capture this glamour in fragrance form within a pretty black bottle. If you're looking for a new signature scent, I would definitely recommend checking this one out..
It's scent is almost smoky, with blackberry, vanilla and cedarwood; with each spritz I am envisioning myself as the lead girl alongside Mr Connery (see images below).

So naturally I obviously now want to overline my eyes and wear the darkest red lipstick I can find so I can look as fierce as I'm feeling. Who needs a Mr Bond when Ms would get the job done in half the time? Don't need to bother with revolvers when you've got stilettos anyway..

*Recently, I was lucky enough to get involved with Trnd - where you can try out new products, feed back honest opinions and share with others. As always, any opinions I give on here will be mine - I will only choose to share things with you that I actually like! :') 


Sunday, 22 February 2015

better times

jumper - TU 
jeans - Zara
scarf - Oasap
hat - Missguided
shoes and bag - Primark

This is one of those outfits that's so simply put together but makes me feel like I've made a little effort aka, the best kind.

Oh, I also make a video if you fancy killing a few minutes :)



Monday, 16 February 2015

Fake Empire

sweater - She Inside
jeans - Blue Spice
boots - Zara
bag - Primark
hat - Missguided
rings - Topshop

Unfortunately I was somewhat delayed in getting my hands on any of the H&M x Wang collection (namely that cropped sweater). I remember sitting in a criminal lecture, the girl's laptop in front of me filled with the H&M checkout screen and the slight sinking feeling that I'd have to try and convince some ebay seller of my impoverished student status. 
 So when I was kindly contacted by She Inside to pick something out, I couldn't help but choose this piece. I am surprisingly loving the neoprene material and the slightly cropped fit, with the shade fitting seamlessly into my somewhat greyscale wardrobe. 

Some of my fave inspirational images of recent, beginning to transition into S/S mindset..



Thursday, 12 February 2015

I should've worshiped her sooner

jumper and shoes - (old) New Look
shirt and jeans - Zara
bag - Primark

As much as I reach for ripped jeans and find comfort in an all black ensemble, I equally enjoy a nice pinstripe shirt and cricket jumper - aka channeling my inner Ralph Lauren catalogue model (emphasis on the word channeling). The shirt and jeans were recent sale gems I picked up but the jumper is somewhat of a relic that I remember purchasing three sizes too big because I just had to get one. I am indeed glad I did.



Tuesday, 3 February 2015

William, May You Dress Me in Gold?

Simple, bold, delicate or eye-catching, I love every way of decorating my hands. I find it's often that single druzy ring or rose gold bracelet that can completely polish an outfit, adding a hint of elegance and effort whilst only taking a few seconds to apply. 

Enter the glistensly gorgeous world of William May (pre warning that serious accessory lust may occur).

Home to so many pretty pieces to adorn your neck, wrists and fingers with, I couldn't resist flicking through and picking out some of my favourite items as well as incorporating them into ~dream~ outfits. 

(reminds me of treasure from Indiana Jones)


tequila sunrise

vanilla latte

Let me know if you're developing my magpie-like-tendencies..
Which piece would you choose?

P.S. As the 14th of February is growing ever closer, maybe leave this page 
open to, ahem, inspire your significant other?


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