Saturday, 10 October 2015

We don't need each other now

Photos by Sophie Kutay

A brief interrim post, but on something I feel is important.
To my friends and family, I am constantly insisting that they believe in themselves whole heartedly. That self confidence and endless positivity is by far the best mindset to take and to ignore those who tear down those ambitions.
How easy it is to serve up advice without even considering taking a helping for yourself.

Although confidence in myself and my own abilities has grown, especially in recent years, it's still something which is a pressing issue, despite it being one that is overshadowed by every other menial aspect of life. Like an impenetrable weed it started off insignificant and small, but when ignored can work it's way into every inch of your existence, plaguing each decision with a mask of self doubt. 

Even walking into Costa and rehearsing my three word order so I'm not holding up the woman behind who is obviously far more in need of her coffee than I.
Using sorry as a filler for almost every awkward encounter when 90% of the time, it is 100% not my fault.

I am here to therefore say it is time we remember who we are and no matter our hair colour, social status, waist size or tea preference, our existences are valid. Our opinions are valid. Our 3am thoughts about the formation of the universe is valid.

It's taken me this long to acknowledge the popular people at school were always just people. It doesn't matter what clique you belong to or american sitcom you prefer, there is ultimately no reason why you should doubt yourself.




  1. Self-doubt is something I struggle with inherently, but seeing a post like this, affirming and reminding me that we are worth it -- thank you. It's post like these that keep me sane, keep me grounded. I hope all goes well for you, Georgia. All the best and lots of love.

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  2. Nice blouse :)
    Maria V.

  3. You said girlfriend you damn well said it! It's so crazy how we can encourage and uplift others but when it comes down to ourselves we often struggle so intensely. It can be debilitating and soul destroying but you said this in such an empowering fearless way that we can all learn from! You go girl!

  4. I feel you so much on this!! Its so true that we need to uplift ourselves sometimes, not just others! self confidence is so important, I love how you addressed it! x


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