Thursday, 30 June 2016

Freetown Sound

shirt - Lightinthebox
skirt - StyleWe
boots - Primark
bag - Vintage

When your week has left you with little time to sit down, returning home to parcels is always a welcome greeting on the doormat. Especially when they contain one of the prettiest skirts you've ever seen.
Delicately packaged in a dustbag and glistening through the tissue paper, I knew this was love at first sight. A pleasing alternative from my favoured black mini, yet still neutral and muted with flashes of silver, this Style We skirt is bound to be a keeper this summer.

What's your summer (or "summer" in the UK) staple?



Saturday, 18 June 2016

Cupid Deluxe

shirt - Armani c/o Depop
t shirt - Streetshirts
shorts - Rosegal
boots - New Look c/o Depop
hat - Missguided
necklaces - ebay
bag - vintage

Sadly 2015 was a year without standing in a muddy field, in drizzling weather, overpriced drink in hand and singing tunelessly along with a song I actually know the words to. I vowed not to make this mistake again. 

Despite not managing to get Glasto tickets, upon discovering my literal all time fave act Blood Orange was performing in the UK, I knew this would be the ideal alternative. You know the type of music you listen to and it's like 'this is it, I've found it'. Yep, that. The best bit is that the only other person who had heard of them was the very person I'd befriended on the first day of uni. So naturally, I'm dragging him along too.

This is the (potential and weather permitting) ensemble I intend on wearing. White might not be the ideal choice, but as it's only a day event, I'm hoping too much Vanish won't be required.

Are you a festival fan?



Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Champagne Coast

top - Lightinthebox
coat - H&M
jeans - Zara
shoes - Lightinthebox

I don't know what it is about pink recently. I used to keep as far away from the sugary shade as poosible, but now, it seems to have crept into my closet alongside my beloved muted khakis and grey favourites.
For some pink-spiration, I highly recommend a look at these instagram pages:


What's your fave shade to wear?



Saturday, 4 June 2016

New Romantics

shirt - Lightinthebox
jeans - Levi's
boots - Lightinthebox
hat - Missguided

For my first purchase from Lightinthebox, my shopping cart was actually filled with some faux tattoos around October last year, with very little knowledge of the site's true extent.. Lightinthebox is very much an Aladdin's Cave. Filled with all sorts of gifts and treasures; i.e. the type of site that can keep me scrolling for hours. 
So when I was very kindly asked to give some pieces a whirl, I was very much excited to indulge in some extensive scrolling.

Firstly, the shirt. Although I do have several white shirts, they barely get to see the light of day. Constantly creased or far too sheer without several under layers which I can't find, I end up opting for my trusty white t shirt instead.This one however, may be my new best friend. Button up fastening to the middle, not sheer and such a staple piece, I did not know how my wardrobe functioned without it.

Pointy shoes. This is literally the sole (!) thing I look for when I'm browsing for footwear.
"What about these G?"
"Nope. Not pointy enough."
These however certainly past the test. Able to go with just about any outfit, they give me an extra inch of height and make a very important sounding noise when I'm walking down quiet corridors. Yet another key characteristic I desire when shoe shopping..

I was incredibly impressed with the quality of these pieces and would wholeheartedly recommend a browse of Lightinthebox to see what treasures you can uncover.

Would you wear this outfit?


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