Monday, 13 February 2017

Summer Loving

Photos by Darrell K Morris

These photos mark a point in my life that I was very much in love with; university. It's funny how your heart can be taken up with places just as much as people.

However, as well as somehow managing to get a law degree during my time there I also managed, more importantly, to gain a best friend - my favourite person.

Alas I will not be spending February 14th with him, but I've never been really sure how I feel about valentine's day anyway.

Feelings don't need to be dressed up in sugary sweetness and accompanied by overpriced flowers to be meaningful, nor do they need to be expressed to anyone else. Feeling content with a glass of something cold or a mug of something hot, netflix and a long evening. Romance is not dead.

With that said, Valentine's day does bring with it one of my very favourite things; puns. In card form.
(See here or here.)

How will you be spending your February 14th?



Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Rosegal (literally)

 So apparently it's February. How on earth we have got to the second month of 2017 is beyond me, especially with all that's going on in the world - I would comment further, but I feel politics may be outside the remit of this happy-go-lucky blog. 

Anyway, frostbitten days and existential matters mean I am in dire need of a little brightness. Something that adds a touch of colour to wardrobe. I've gone on relentlessly about how I've tried to step out of my bat cave of black clothing, and I'd like to think injecting a little orange or pink to an outfit provides that little lift which my morning mood so desperately needs. (That and the La la land soundtrack. Honestly.)

These little gems are both from Rosegal and I am most certainly smitten. Given the month, I feel that my new found love is rather apt.

Which is your favourite item (and do you have any valentine's plans)?


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