Wednesday, 31 August 2011

sailing boats and petticoats

jumper - Jack Wills
skirt - Jack Wills
shoes - Primark

As much as I love Jack Wills, I'm not usually a fan on the whole walking advertisment thing, so I tend to veer away from the heavily branded items. However, I loved the colour and faded texture of this particular jumper and it was only £14 which was the final tick box as far as I was concerned. The skirt I bought in the sale a while back, it was far too pretty to not purchase.

Here are some pretty things from Jack Wills that I can look at until the next sale.
Probably around boxing day, but hey oh well.


Helplessness blues

cardigan - H&M
top - Primark
skirt - Topshop
necklace - Claire's
shoes - Faith

I'd been meaning to buy a cardigan of this colour for a while because it just tends to compliment most other colours so well. This morning I found this one at the back of my wardrobe and I was incredibly pleased to find something I actually like back there! This is really quite simple but I like dressing simply one day and wearing something slightly odd the following..
I should probably try and find a consistent style but I'm such a chameleon when it comes to clothes.


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

not so fluorescent adolescent

cardigan - eBay
shirt - Jack Wills
jeans - Primark
shoes - Faith

My 'summer wardrobe' never really happened, apart from the time I was away, I have mainly stuck to my trusty cardigans and jumpers. This outfit depicts me perfectly, and reminds me of the time I got plenty of odd looks wandering round Manchester on possibly the hottest day in British history in tights and boots..
Bring on the snow as far as I'm concerned.


homeward bound

As I returned from France earlier this week, England was hasty to remind me of the glorious weather the British Isles had to offer.. Literally 5 minutes before returning across the channel, we were greeted with torrential rain. Surprising I know. Anyway, France provided the perfect opportunity to actually wear some of my summer clothes, though I'd packed few of them. 
On another note, this is my wishlist for this week. Although I love lots of things from Topshop, only a minority of my wardrobe actually consists of it, mainly because I have no money, and the fact that the majority of my college will purchase the entire collection anyway.
Ah well, I'll stick with Primark for now.


Friday, 19 August 2011

I wish I was going to a festival

dress - H&M
cardigan - Primark
shoes - Faith

These past two days haven't been my favourite in all honesty. Yesterday was plagued with the horror of a level results, the only two I was pleased with were English and Critical Thinking which I got an A and a B in. The rest, I'd rather not dwell on. I hope everyone else did better than I did! It's just proven to me that even if I try ridiculously hard on subjects I don't like, I'm still going to get an awful grade. Anyway, V Fest today, my facebook news feed has been flooded with updates on how excited everyone seems to be. My obvious attitude is to hate all these people simply because I'm not attending :) I didn't get tickets, because I didn't particularly fancy the line-up bar Arctic Monkeys, Chase and Status and a few others, but when it comes down to it, I guess it's all about the atmosphere anyway.. Eugh, there's always next year.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

sail her, don't sink her this time

vest - Zara
scarf - Primark
jeans - Primark
shoes - Primark

Holiday shopping yesterday went surprisingly well. It usually takes place the day before the holiday being the incredibly disorganised family we are. This year however, it was done THREE days before we actually venture out of the British Isles so it was a hell of a lot more casual. I managed to have a swift look around Primark (although I am trying to ration my time in there) and managed to pick up this scarf and jeans (which had been reduced to £4!)
Anyway, even if we did spend 5 hours ambling around shops yesterday, there is never enough time to get everything, so I am hoping tomorrow will be spent doing much the same. Toshop certainly hasn't seen my face in a while and we simply can't have that.

dress - Miss Selfridge
necklace - Temporary-Secretary
bag - Zara
shoes - Zara

I love how the navy and peachy/beige tones compliment each other so well in this set, plus you could wear it with thick tights and a cardi and it could transition into autumn/winter equally well.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

she's got you high

top - Primark
necklace - Claire's
shorts - Primark
wedges - Tesco

As you can tell from the above list, I dislike spending vast amount of money on clothes. I can never understand why people would spend over £5 on something like a vest top, when you could buy it for about £2.50 from Primark. Anyway, I loved the colour and faded effect on this particular vest, I have developed a sudden love of burgundy. It's a shame I haven't dared to wear this out, as I usually despise bearing my legs at all, but these knee highs make me feel a little less exposed and I highly reccomend them - (Primark if you're wondering.) You may have noticed the turquoise necklace has become somewhat of a staple within my wardrobe and I try and wear it with everything, whether it matches or not.
I'm off on holiday on Friday and even though my mother is constantly telling me I have too many clothes, it's practically the law that you have to go out and buy holiday clothes right? So shopping trips shall be pursued tomorrow + mother + credit card :)


Thursday, 11 August 2011

Scrolling through websites and seeing things I can't afford depresses me greatly, especially when they send you emails to remind you to look at all the pretty clothes they now have in stock (I hate you Topshop.)
It's certainly a mish-mash but this is a summary of the things I have seen and wanted recently;
tops - Topshop
shorts - Topshop
bag - Asos
trousers - Zara
shirt - H&M
skull cameo - eBay


Sunday, 7 August 2011

if you're a bird, I'm a bird

shirt - Primark
jeans - Stolen from Mother
shoes - Faith
bracelets - Mainly Primark

You know those moments in a shop where you see something you love but it's in completely the wrong size? I certainly had to hunt in Primark for that shirt but it was certainly worth it as I was fortunate enough to track it down. It may be slightly sheer and a tiny bit tight, but I love love love it. 


Saturday, 6 August 2011

cross this off your wishlist

As previously mentioned, I've recently become obsessed with the more edgy and dark style of clothing.
This set from my polyvore is the kind of colour palette I like at the moment, and my heart particularly lies on the accessories.
On eBay, I'm currently selling some cross bracelets which you can see here. There's 19 left and you can get them in brown or black so if you fancy a look click here :)


Friday, 5 August 2011

I'm constantly wanting clothes. I'm constantly thinking, 'oh just ONE more thing, and then my wardrobe will be complete.'
Though, then I will see a gorgeous outfit somewhere and think 'asdfghjkl; MUST HAVE THAT'
That's becoming a frequent problem which I should probably resolve somehow.
Anyway, at the moment, I'm certainly finding my way back into dark colours having meandered through wearing a vast spectrum over the past year.
I recently made a polyvore account and this was one of my first 'sets'. Awful I know, but I wanted something simple and I just can't seem to get enough of black at the moment. I adore those leather shorts, but definitely haven't got the legs (or tan) to pull them off. 

These necklaces are from a lovely little site called This is Transition and they happen to have the most gorgeous range of accessories. If anyone has a couple of hundred pounds spare, please let me know.


nails on the news

During the many hours I've spent trawling the internet, I keep stumbling upon pictures like this. I never do anything interesting with my nails so I thought I'd do some googling and find a tutorial. Basically, you need nail polish remover (to get rid of existing nail polish), a newspaper, some nail polish (pastel or white shades work best) and some rubbing alcohol. Handy blue peter style photography below.
You'll notice a bottle of Tequila in place of surgical spirit, which conveniently for a family of alcoholics like ourselves, works just as well.
After painting your nails a pale colour and they have dried, you need to dip your nail into the surgical spirit. 
You then press a strip of the newspaper against your nail for about 30-40 seconds being careful not to move it. Then gently peel away the paper and voila.
There's plenty of better photos dotted around the internet, but this is my poor attempt.


Thursday, 4 August 2011

not long enough to be a dress but I shall still call it a dress

top/dress- Jack Wills
cardigan - Primark

I know Jack Wills is pretty pricey, and some of the things in there I could buy a replica of in Primark, though at the weekend I went to Manchester. Which, obviously results in me being lured to Jack Wills. The fact there was a sale AND I had a £30 voucher (generous relatives) certainly tempted me further. I managed to get this floral top and a sweatshirt, which if you're familiar with JW pricing, you might find as surprising as I did (two items for under £30 there is pretty impressive.) 
I wear this cardigan to death but the colour just has a wonderful tendancy to compliment most colours as well as it being a light knit, ideal for England's excuse of a summer. 

top - Primark
necklace - Claire's outlet
skirt - Topshop
bracelets - Primark
heels - Faith

The weather was ridiculously warm yesterday and my mother advised me wear something other than my usual funeral chic as she likes to call it. So, in the above 5 degree celcius madness, I put this on. The top was only £2 from Primark which I was impressed with, there was a whole rack left so I quickly swiped one. I am an avid bodycon skirt wearer, I honestly can't think how I managed before I had one as they seem to go with pretty much everything. The necklace is a nice chunk of turquoise which I got from a claire's outlet for only £4.50, I do A LOT of my shopping at outlets and rarely buy things full price as I hate parting with money.  Anyway, the sun has left us (it could be monsoon season here, honestly) so I am back to my usual winter attire.


Everything tends to sound better in French, hence the title. Anyway, first post ever, and I haven't got a clue what/why I'm here to be quite honest. Though don't let that put you off having a skim through the highly anticipated posts when you get the chance.
That's all for now folks.
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