Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Can you see the ocean now?

top - Dressin
sunglasses - Dressin
trousers - Primark
boots - ebay
necklace - ebay
waistcoat - ebay

Although missing the slightly sunnier skies, I am glad to have clicked my heels three times and returned home. This outfit represents the basis for the majority of my holiday ensembles - minimal pieces that I could use in multiple combinations.
Aside from when I was in Disney of course i.e. cue light up shoes and Mickey Mouse featuring heavily.
Do excuse the rather photo heavy post, hope you are enjoying your summer! <3



Thursday, 20 August 2015

I have seen the future

shirt - &other stories c/o Depop
jeans - Zara
shoes - Aliexpress

I was recently asked to have a browse through the glamorous hotels along the Las Vegas strip and invent my ultimate outfit ensemble to accompany my imaginary escapade..
Taking inspiration from the out of this world Flamingo and Golden Nugget hotels, I decided this was perfect. Simple and easy to stroll through the city during the day yet still perfect to pair with heels to enjoy the opulence of the famous glowing strip in the evening. Or just keep these shoes on and become a part of the light display..

I have been wanting this shirt ever since I spied it on the gorgeous Erika's blog. The print is like something out of my dreams and the quality is similarly pleasing..
 I was lucky enough to locate it on Depop for a wonderfully purse friendly £12 - I forsee that my future will be filled with printed shirts a plenty..

What would your #UltimateVegasOutfit be?



Thursday, 13 August 2015

Another very colourful post

Another mini haul from another not so mini online fashion retailer, and perhaps my favourite one yet. I had the joy of picking out some of my favourite pieces from CNDirect and will be letting you know my thoughts on these pleasingly monochrome picks below :)

I had seen this jumper floating around the internet and had tried to actually purchase it, but it seemed to be constantly sold out.. Hence my joy of finding it on CNDirect. I thoroughly enjoy the western vibe it eludes, as well as the understated fringing and the fact it is ideal for the temperamental Britsh summer time. A firm favourite indeed.

Seriously, I mean, how pretty? I am often scrolling through depop and finding cute handmade lingerie stores, but am unable to justify spending that much on underwear, so this provided a purse friendly alternative. Sadly, I got an M instead of the S I should have purchased (I was perhaps feeling optimistic about my chest area that day) so it is unfortunately a tad too big. Nevertheless, I will certainly find a use for it.. it looks rather pretty on the wall actually..

Finally, this magical little kimono i.e. the ideal thing to throw on whilst you're running around trying to get ready for a night out in under half an hour.. I love the 3/4 length sleeves and the simple print will go with just about any evening ensemble - can't wait to wear it out!

Which is your favourite piece?


P.S. I was recently lucky enough to feature in an online magazine with a lovely photographer - click here if you fancy a peek :)


Monday, 10 August 2015

Where are you now that I need you?

shirt - Shein
sunglasses - Dressin
necklace - H&M
jeans and shoes - Primark
hat - Missguided
bag - vintage

Last week was a busy one, but interrupted by the bliss of the weekend which I spent in my second home, aka Liverpool for excessive glow stick purchasing, dancing and cocktail consumption. Three of my favourite hobbies. 
This week however is set to be even busier with a trip to France at some point.. which I have of course not yet packed for -  just keep informing my mum I work best under pressure otherwise known as the last minute.
Speaking of holidays, I feel like this shirt may just be the perfect companion. I cannot get enough of this Egyptian inspired print with the muted gold and cream tones - as well as the fact the material doesn't crease i.e. suitcase friendly.
Hope everyone is enjoying their summers <3



Tuesday, 4 August 2015

New - Dress it up

top - here
lip pencils - here
sunglasses - here
crop top - here

Having spent literal hours scrolling through Newdress deciding what I fancied, I eventually settled on pieces that I felt would tuck nicely into my wardrobe. I have decided to combine all of the items in one post so as to allow a more streamlined and effective reviewing method - all opinions (as always) will be my own :)

First up, the cactus top. I'd actually spotted a monchrome version of this in Zara, but resisted my urges due to the ridiculously long queue. I was instantly drawn to the pastel colour scheme and cute, cartoon like design I thought would be a refreshing addition to my summery-ish wardrobe. The length is short-ish but not cropped and the material is quite light, but not too thin. Ideal for brightening up my very monchrome array of outfits. 

I decided to pop these into the basket as I basically thought they were too good to be true. 12 pretty lipliners all for $2.83?? As of now, I have been pretty conservative about my colour testing, but will be sure to try out the blues and purples in due course. The quality was much better than I expected, quite easy to apply as long as lips are moisturised beforehand and finished with a lipstick or gloss. If you're looking to dabble in the lipliner world, I would highly recommend this little set.

As mentioned in my previous post, I am quite ahem, frugal when it comes to my sunglasses. Instead I have opted for quantity - though where these are concerned, I have not sacrificed quality. Okay, so they may not be the sturdiest, but for the price, they shield your eyes and look rather pretty - as long as you take care in not letting them slide off your nose. They come in a variety of colours, but this green-gold pair were my favourite. A true summer staple. 

Finally, and probably my favourite - this cut out shoulder crop top. This fits so easily into my wardrobe and the fact it was previously lacking a long sleeve crop, meant I had to pick this up. It's very stretchy and comfortable, unlike other crops where they don't cling to you as you'd like. The straps cross at the back and having worn it last night for cocktails, I can confirm it's incredibly easy to wear. 

Overall, I'd definitely recommend a click through Newdress. As we all know, the quality can be temperamental with sites like it, but I was certainly pleasantly surprised when it came to my items. 

Which purchase is your favourite?


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