Monday, 7 September 2015

Washed up summer

The final rays of summer may be shining, but as I try to catch every last glimpse of sunshine before the pavements are carpeted with leaves, I can't help lusting over these pick and mix coloured pieces. She In is yet to disappoint and is the primary source for my current wardrobe lusts..

Which is your favourite?




  1. You'd look so badass babe in all of these beauties gorgeous Georgia! The Caribbean sweat is truly divine. Imagine how tropical it'd look on the beach with a Pina Colada. The stuff of dreams ;) Am glad you are a fellow cocktail lover after my own heart, often do I find myself nodding along when I read one of your posts and you mention cocktails. Love the quirky, unique print of the eye tee, there's something about eye designs on fashion pieces that are really stand-out and innovative. AND the punk rock top would go down a storm with you, you always look so off duty rockstar <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  2. 01 and 08= HELL YES!!!


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