Friday, 31 July 2015

Plain White Tees

top - Dressin
necklace - Aliexpress
jeans & heels - Primark
sunglasses - Dressin

Have been lucky enough to have been contacted by various lovely companies recently to review some items and thought I'd share my thoughts on what I received..

First up, Dressin and I opted for a basic white tee and some fierce cat eye sunglasses. I was actually lacking this white staple and thought it would be ideal for this season (whatever that may be at the moment) and have not been disappointed. The neckline is ideal and it's, remarkably, not at all see through so can wear fancy undergarments to my heart's content. 

As for the sunglasses, they are most certainly rivalling my favoured Primark pair. I am sadly not one for expensive specs as I am 100% likely to sit, lose or drop them into the ocean from a fast moving boat - as much I would love a Prada pair. These are most certainly an ideal alternative if you fancy the bargain option whilst maintaining a designer vibe. My favourite combination.



Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Forget it

top, skirt & shoes - Primark
hat - Missguided
bag - vintage

*sighs* Complicated seems to be the theme of things at the moment. The title to this weeks episode of my hypothetical sit com would most definitely be 'complicated'. Underlined and without a catchy theme song, nor humorous title sequence. 
Much like the heroine of any sit com however, I will continue ignoring such feelings and fill my days with cocktails and online shopping until they are dulled into insignificance. 

100% effectiveness guaranteed right?


Monday, 20 July 2015


As is evident, I love a good t shirt.
Super easy to throw on, dress up with a pair of heels or go casual with pyjama bottoms and a cup of tea. I especially have a soft spot for those with weird and wonderful designs and for that She In are yet to let me down. Scrolling through, I'm often caught thinking 'I don't have a clue what that slogan means but I love it and therefore must have it.'
Here is a wishlist of my current faves to hopefully provide a little t-spiration..

Which is your favourite?


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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

back to the future

top & trousers - Primark
shoes - Aliexpress
necklaces - ebay & ajewelsanctuary 
bag - Zara

This is one of my favourite 'I have nothing to go out in so let's throw something together at random' outfits. 
These grid print beauties are basically the first pair of actual trousers (aside from the rather unflattering school pair) I've owned and I have worn them to death. The quality has really surprised me as well as the fact they go with just about everything. Wanting to go back for a few more prints to extend my patterned legwear collection.

Now of course, yes, I must mention these shoes. I'd seen them on various instagram pages and was obviously desperate to get my hands on some. Why? Because like a moth to a sole-based-colour-changing-light, I found myself needing them for no rational reason. Yes, they do also change colour. (I also recently styled them in a lookbook, so to check that out, click here.)

Would you ever wear light up shoes?
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Thursday, 9 July 2015

better have my money

shirt - Shein
jeans - Blue Spice
heels - Primark
hat - Disneyland
necklace - Forever 21

I feel like patterned shirts are my thing. Even if I'm dressed head to toe black, the patterned shirt wearing girl inside me is always desperate to show her face. Hence my delight when I was sent this pretty piece from Sheinside. Super soft as well as injecting a healthy dose of subtle colour into my life, this would be an ideal festival/holiday staple.

What's the item in your wardrobe that best represents you?


Monday, 6 July 2015

Summer Wishlist..

So desperately in need of summer clothes, since my wardrobe seems to consist solely of jumpers even in July..

Hence some of my favourite picks from CNdirect.
I cannot get enough of crop tops at the moment, and although Primark has some gems, that tasselled one is a force to be reckoned with. Perfect for all the 'swishing' anyone has ever dreamed of.

Similarly for anything mesh. After my tattoo binge, slightly see through items have provided the perfect excuse to show them off(ish). 

Finally, that floral bra. Basically I want to transform into a beautiful instagram girl who wakes up in crisp white sheets to a superfood smoothie. Alas, until that moment, pretty underwear will have to suffice.

Which item is your favourite?

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

All we need is somebody to lean on

bralet - New Look
jeans and shoes - Primark
hat - Missguided
jacket - everythingfivepounds
tattoo - Stylemoi

Am I Rihanna yet? Seriously though, I cannot get enough of these tattoos that came with my Stylemoi order, managed to convince some strangers that this was real (how is it so sparkly??)

If only I was going to a festival so I could cover myself in them.

If you fancy getting your hands on some of these metallic beauties yourself, all you need to do is sign up to Stylemoi here and cover the minimum of $3.99 to join me in my temporary tattoo paradise.

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